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Charlevoix Businesses Expecting Big Week

Promo Image: Charlevoix Businesses Expecting Big Week

It’s one of the busiest weeks of the year for the city of Charlevoix.

People from all over the state are making their way to town for the annual Venetian Festival.

The week-long festival has a variety of events and brings in thousands of people to the area every year.

9&10’s Aaron Parseghian spoke with local business owners about how they get ready for the big boost in cash.

“It’s a crazy week it’s the biggest week of our year here,” says Kilwins Owner Kay Seelye

The Venetian Festival began on Saturday and Charlevoix businesses are gearing up for big crowds.

They hope the influx of people makes up for a fairly slow winter.

“We try to get things made ahead so we got them to sell. Just be on our toes, you never know what’s going to hit. It’s what we wait all winter for,” added Seelye.

Business owners prepare for this week, months ahead of time, making sure they can fill the demand for the increase in visitors.

“Of course at the beginning of the season it’s always hiring enough people and making sure we have the staff for this week, without burning them out. You know we get everybody trained in all hands on deck this week, no days off this week, extra hours put in by everybody,” explained Scovie’s Gourmet Owner Vi Keller.

With the city of Charlevoix receiving national attention for their downtown development, the Venetian Festival has gotten bigger over the years and even with some congestion, city residents still think it’s worth the trip. 

“I’ve been here the last 15 years and we’ve seen it increasing and growing. It’s a great week and definitely worth the drive. I know it’s a little congested in town but once you been here you definitely want to come back,” added Keller.

A busy week for business but always a rewarding one.

“It’s fun, it’s fast and furious, we’re exhausted by the end of the week if not before, but it’s a good time,” said Seelye.