Beach Bash Basketball, A Highlight of Charlevoix’s Venetian Games

More than just fireworks and concerts, the Venetian Festival in Charlevoix is home to a number of athletic competitions.

The "Venetian Games" gives people the opportunity to compete in a number of sports, including volleyball, disc golf, tennis and more.

On Sunday, competitors took it to Ferry Beach for the 3 on 3 Beach Bash Basketball tournament,

Athletes are of all ages, and come from all over to compete in the Venetian games.

Many look forward to the tournament every year, it’s one of the first competitions that kicks off the week-long festival

“As you can see we got a lot of young kids that are out here playing which is great opportunity, both for the kids of Charlevoix and for a lot of people that come into the area. It’s a way to kick off between Aquapalooza and the 3 on 3,” said Tournament Organizer Tom Kirinovic

The Venetian games will take a short break, but will be back on Tuesday with a 3 on 3 soccer tournament.