Grand Traverse Co. Sheriff’s Department Uses Overdose Reversal Drug On Baby

Grand Traverse County First Responders were forced to use an overdose reversal drug on an 11 month-old-girl.

The child was sent to DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids. 

She was released and is OK, but her parents are facing child abuse charges.

The Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Department says it happened back in June.

The parents spotted the child chewing a pill, but by the time they tried to stop her it was too late.

That’s when they called 911. 

At the hospital tests revealed at some point the child had cocaine and an opiate in her system.

Child abuse third degree charges were authorized on the parents, Devin and Brianna Devereaux. 

Both were arrested at a home in Gladwin.  

Deputies are making arrangements to pick the parents up and bring them back to Grand Traverse County. 

Devin Devereaux is also looking at a habitual offender charge. 

"We don’t have any reason to believe in this case that the parents actually gave the pill to the child, I think it’s a valuable lesson for all people to make sure prescriptions whether it’s for your child or for yourself that those are secured at all times," said Captain Randy Fewless. 

Child Protective Services put the child along with another young child at the home during the time with other relatives.