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Classic Cars Gather in Gaylord For 2nd Annual Alpenfest Show

Promo Image: Classic Cars Gather in Gaylord For 2nd Annual Alpenfest Show

Impressive cars were parked right outside the Alpenfest. It is a fairly new event to the Gaylord area, and it just had its second go-around.

For years, many have wanted a classic car show in the downtown Gaylord area and for the second year, Alpenfest finished off with one.

Classic cars of all makes, models and eras made their way into the competition this afternoon.

Cars were categorized by the year they were produced and if they were original or modified.

The show brought together people of all ages and interests together.                 

Bob Butler who pushed the idea for a car show in Gaylord, worked on his car with his dad, before he passed away.

“He built cars his whole life but he’s 80 years old and he surely didn’t need too big of a project so we found this one. It was a drag car its whole life and its only got about 60,000 miles on it.  He ended up finding it and he did all the work on it and then called me up and asked me if I could come and paint it with him,” said Butler.

Butler says he’s hoping next year’s show is even bigger. He wants to move the classic cars from the parking lot closer to Main Street.