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Two Michigan DNR Officer Receive Lifesaving Awards

Promo Image: Two Michigan DNR Officer Receive Lifesaving Awards

Two DNR conservation officers were honored for saving the lives of accident victims in the Upper Peninsula and Oceana County.

Conservation Officers Mike Evink and Ben Shively were presented with the DNR’s Lifesaving Award Thursday in Lansing.

In January, Officer Evink responded to a call from a home in Schoolcraft County. A propane delivery man found a homeowner being overwhelmed by carbon monoxide. The delivery man tried to help, but was soon overcome by the gas as well.

Evink was 15 miles away when he got the call. He drove through almost six miles of unplowed roads to reach the home.

When Evink arrived, he found both men unresponsive. According to the DNR, the homeowner had no pulse and the deliveryman was barely alive.

Evink performed lifesaving measures until an ambulance arrived 15 minutes later.

The two were taken to the hospital, and the homeowner recovered. Unfortunately, the homeowner died.

Evink started his law enforcement career as a Cadillac police officer. He joined the DNR in 2010.

In March, Officer Shively was on patrol when he saw a truck driving toward him in the wrong lane in Oceana County.

When Shively stopped the car, he learned the driver had cut his arm with a chainsaw and was on his way to seek medical treatment.

Shively is a DNR Law Enforcement Division first aid instructor. He assessed the severity of the wound and called for emergency medical assistance.

Officer Shively applied his DNR-issued Combat Application Tourniquet to the man’s arm to stop the bleeding.

“It is highly unlikely the driver would have made it to a hospital in time,” said Gary Hagler, DNR Law Enforcement Division chief. “He almost certainly would have passed out due to his condition and easily could have injured other motorists by crashing his vehicle. We’re pleased the victim is recovering well from the accident and we’re thankful for Conservation Officer Shively’s outstanding performance.”

Officer Shively is from Farwell and started working at the DNR in 1995.