Old Mission Peninsula School Now Approved Charter School With Grand Valley State University

This school might have closed its doors for good but thanks to a dedicated foundation and community, it’s getting a second chance.

Traverse City Area Public Schools owned the Old Mission Peninsula Elementary School until recently but had to sell to deal with budget issues.

The Old Mission Peninsula Education Foundation took action and raised enough money to buy the building.

Back in May, they made the decision to become a charter school and apply through Grand Valley State University.

On Friday, Old Mission announced it had been approved and is now part of the GVSU charter portfolio.

Plans are now in full swing, preparing for the next steps in the school’s new lease on life.

“It’s no longer will there be a school, and are you sure and how is that going to happen; being under their umbrella, we are officially a public charter school in the state of Michigan and so we get to move forward with confidence that we’re going to open in September 2018,” said Allison O’Keefe, president of the Old Mission Peninsula Education Foundation.

The school will be tuition free and in the same Old Mission Elementary School building.