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Newaygo Co. Deputies Looking For Man They Say May Be Armed, Dangerous

Promo Image: Newaygo Co. Deputies Looking For Man They Say May Be Armed, Dangerous

“We have reason to believe he could be both armed and dangerous.”

Does this man look familiar?

Newaygo County deputies say he’s armed and dangerous.

Deputies say Darrell Zeckzer stole a car and attacked someone.

That was at Ed’s Orchard Market in Hesperia around 2 Friday morning.

But that wasn’t the only car he’s accused of stealing.

Deputies say shortly after the first car was stolen it was found east of Hesperia near M-20.

But then deputies got a call that another car was stolen, along with a gun.

Deputies are on the lookout for a 2013 black Dodge Dart after they say Darrell Zeckzer stole it from a man’s home in Hesperia.

“My wife was home, I had already left for work and she come out and took the dog out like she does every day and when she went back in went to take a shower and when she came back out my car was gone,” Rodney Jensen said.

But Rodney Jensen and his wife say that’s not the only thing that was taken.

“She couldn’t find her purse, it was down in the basement someone had gone through it so they were obviously in the house while she showered and then we realized there was a rifle that I had in the dining room that was missing, so they took a loaded rifle,” Jensen said.

“He went through my garage, he got my battery charger out an extension cord and ran it out hooked it up to my truck, broke into my truck and busted the ignition out of it so hopefully they have enough finger prints on the guy,” Jensen said.

Deputies say a neighbor saw Zeckzer in the area.

Rodney tells us they always lock their doors and knowing his wife was alone when this happened is the worst part.

“Doing a lot of crying, very upset I guess the worst thing is knowing that she was in the house in the shower when he was in there. I don’t know how she’s going to feel about staying here alone anymore,” Jensen said.

Deputies say Zeckzer does have a criminal past and could be armed and dangerous.

If you see him, call 911.