New Report Raises Questions About Cheese Powder Used in Macaroni & Cheese

A new report raises serious questions about what’s in your food.

Particularly, the familiar cheese powder used in some macaroni and cheese products.

The report, funded by four advocacy groups, states common chemicals known as phthalates are found in some forms of mac and cheese and a number other products.

Those chemicals are used to make plastics soft and can get into food during packaging and processing.

They can disrupt the hormones in the body and could affect the developing brains of children.

One doctor’s research shows a link between phthalates and increases in blood pressure and resistance to insulin in children.

Experts say warn you not to microwave plastic, because the heat can cause the chemicals to seep into your food. Also, don’t put them in the dishwasher.

Glass and stainless steel containers are good alternatives for storage.