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Kalkaska County Man Accused of Attempted Murder

Promo Image: Kalkaska County Man Accused of Attempted Murder

State police say a man is facing an attempted murder charge after pointing a gun at someone and pulling the trigger in Kalkaska County.

Police say the situation started Wednesday night when the suspect went to his estranged wife’s Orange Township home.

The two got into a fight and he tried to hurt her dog.

Then another man, a friend of the woman, showed up with his son.

That’s when police say the suspect pulled out his gun.

The woman knocked it out if his hands and investigators say the suspect picked it up, pointed it at the woman’s friend and pulled the trigger but it didn’t go off.

Police say the suspect attacked the other man, but everyone was able to get away safely.

Troopers tracked down the suspect, and after resisting, he was finally arrested.

He’s now charged with attempted murder, aggravated stalking, resisting police and driving while intoxicated.