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Jury Finds Cadillac Man Guilty of Seven Charges Involving Marijuana

Promo Image: Jury Finds Cadillac Man Guilty of Seven Charges Involving Marijuana

A man’s fate decided by a jury Friday afternoon, and was found guilty of all but one charge.

Don Koshmider could now spend up to 15 years in prison.

Friday was the end of a four-day trial against Koshmider in Wexford County.

He was arrested almost a year ago after undercover officers say he was illegally running a dispensary as a medical marijuana patient.

Koshmider has been found guilty of multiple drug related charges.

The tension in the courtroom was thick as jurors systematically announced Don Koshmider was guilty of seven out of eight charges against him.

The jury found Koshmider not guilty of possessing ammunition by a convicted felon.

He was found guilty of two counts of aiding and abetting the delivery of marijuana, two counts of maintaining a drug house, having marijuana and having the intent to deliver.

"Is this real? Is this real life? This is real life, this is real penalties and it’s disappointing that this is where we’re at based on the medical marijuana act," Joshua Covert, defense counsel said.

The prosecutor says this means at his sentencing, Koshmider could now face up to 15 years in prison, instead of life.

"This is an important case. This is important because in this particular case, the defendant was selling marijuana illegally. Some people might have had the card, but the problem was he did not have a defense under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act," Jason Elmore, Wexford County prosecutor said.

The courtroom was filled with mixed emotions.

Koshmider’s sentencing date has not yet been decided.

Judge Fagerman chose to allow Koshmider to continue his bond.

The defense said they plan on looking into appealing the convictions.