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Hometown Tourist: The Crystal Coaster

Promo Image: Hometown Tourist: The Crystal Coaster

is Michigan’s only alpine slide and it’s right here in Northern Michigan at Crystal Mountain.

Erin Malone and David Lyden take us for a ride in this week’s Hometown Tourist.

“Going up on that side there is a really good view, you get to look over and see the lakes and the mountains and also that you get to go up a huge mountain and then go back down on the slide,” said first time riders Izzy and Sheadyn.

You control the speed with a hand brake. Take an exhilarating ride or a leisurely cruise to soak in the sights.

“Typically what you see people do, especially the first time they ride it, they kind of get a feel for where all the dips and turns are, and then the more times you go down it you get a little bit more daring you get a little bit more used to the course and people try to see how quickly they can get down to the bottom,” said Director of Public Relations at Crystal Mountain Brian Lawson. 

And once most people are down at the bottom, they hop right back on for another thrilling ride.

‘Every time we’ve been on there we’ve gotten back on. It’s long and it’s really, really fun. We were racing, she won a couple times, I won once,” said Izzy and Sheadyn.

Soak up a beautiful view, settle up on a cart and go at your own pace down the mountain. This ride is sure to bring you back for more and more.

“It’s part sledding, part roller coaster, part go kart, it’s kind of an interesting mix of all those things,” said Lawson.