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Two Firefighters Hurt While Battling Mackinac Island House Fire

Two firefighters were hurt during a large cottage fire on Mackinac Island.

The fire chief says firefighters risked their lives fighting the flames, when the ceiling of the house came crashing down on them.

Northern Michigan’s News Leader has been following this story very closely.

The flames broke out around 5:00 Thursday night on Lake Shore Drive, less than a mile from the ferry docks.

Fifty firefighters from four different departments were there.

Many of them had to take a ferry to get out to the scene.

The Mackinac Island fire chief says it was a difficult fire to fight.

High temperatures and a collapsing floor drove firefighters out of the house and not long after they went back in, the ceiling crashed down on them.

The chief plans on holding a press conference at 10:00 Friday morning and Northern Michigan’s News Leader will be there.

We’ll also have a crew live on the island with the latest details on the fire and the extent of the damage.