Traverse City Health Department Issues E. Coli Advisory For State Park Beach

If you are heading out to the Traverse City State Park Beach, be aware of an advisory from the health department.

Every Wednesday, the water is tested at various beaches throughout the area.

The results from Thursday showed an increase in E. coli at the Traverse City State Park Beach.

It is just a level two at this time so you can still be in the water but you should not go in past your waist.

The water was retested Thursday morning but the results take up to 20 hours.

“Basically a level 2 is that you don’t want to immerse your whole body in the water, no swimming underwater or anything like that, basically you don’t want to go above the waist. We’re not telling people to stay completely out of the water but just it wouldn’t be a good idea to swim and dunk yourself under water that type of thing,” Dan Thorell, environmental health director said.

The health department will have the new results Friday morning and hope there’s no more issues heading into the weekend.