Northern Michigan Kids Learn From The Pros During PGA Junior League

A PGA Junior League in Traverse City is giving local kids a chance to learn from the pros!

The national program is growing very quickly with 40,000 kids across the country taking part this summer.

9&10’s Lauren Scafidi caught up with one young golfer after hitting the links with the 55 Traverse City participants.

Tommy Puetz, has been playing since he was just 7 years old

“I always loved watching the masters with my dad and said one day I wanna try this out,” explains Tommy Puetz.

6 years later, 13-year-old Tommy is in his second year at the PGA Junior League.

It’s a program designed specifically for young golfers under 13.

Tommy’s coach and a PGA Professional Scott Wilson started golfing at a young age too.

“The same age as most of these kids here I started when I was six or seven and it worked out good for me still doing it I’ve only had one other job outside of golf my whole life,” says PGA professional golfer, Scott Wilson.

Scott recognizes qualities from his past resonating in Tommy and students.

“He realizes everything you have to do to get better at this game while having fun and creating friendships that will last forever,” says Wilson.

“Ooh it’s so fun,” says Puetz. “I love hanging out I have some of my best friends I’ve made playing with them messing around with them.” 

The program has kids moving through the ranks.

“What’s really neat about it is the older more experienced kids really mentor the younger ones and the younger ones learn from them and as the younger ones grow and develop and they’re the older ones then they’re gonna mentor the younger kids,” says Wilson.

Tommy is one of the older kids and he says he’s disappointed this is the last year he’ll be able to participate.

While Tommy has outgrown the program — he has big plans for the future.

“Be on the PGA tour, I wanna win on the PGA tour,” says Puetz.  

And he’s not wasting any time.

“I’m here pretty much 7 days a week,” adds Puetz.  

Becoming a better golfer – and a better person

“I’ve learned a lot about the honestly integrity everything not just learned how to play golf but the values,” says Puetz. 

When the program is complete in a few weeks, that Traverse City group of 55 will be cut down to ten to make the "All-star League."

They’ll compete in a local, state, Midwest and then national championship in Arizona this November.

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