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Munson Medical Center Nurses Speak Out About Unionizing

Promo Image: Munson Medical Center Nurses Speak Out About Unionizing

Nurses at Munson Medical Center are moving along in the process to form a union.

According to the National Labor Relations Board, nurses have received enough signatures to petition to form a union.

Not everyone supports the move.

The nurses now have enough signatures to file for a petition that could ultimately result in a vote on whether to unionize.

“We’re looking forward to continuing to have a strong relationship with our nurses regardless of where all of this goes,” said Al Pilong, President of Munson Medical Center.

An ongoing process for the last several months, a group of nurses at Munson Medical Center want to see changes and feel the best way for that to happen is to unionize.

“What we strive for is really safe patient care, nurse patient ratios, we are hoping to improve and decrease or get rid of mandatory overtime, staffing in general just having better staffing,” said Mikki Popp, registered nurse at Munson Medical Center.

But other nurses say they don’t see a need for it.

“I feel as a nurse I should have a sense of autonomy; I’ve always worked on this unit which has tremendous support from management and I’ve never felt like I’ve needed to have anything else in place,” said John Stosio, registered nurse at Munson Medical Center.

The president of Munson Medical Center says adding a third party will make serving patients more difficult.

“From my perspective, we are much better off having a direct relationship with our nurses, heath care changes rapidly, we need to be able to adjust and address the problems and challenges that we face together and having a third party in the middle makes that challenging,” said Pilong.

All nurses, regardless of position on the issue, are encouraged to vote when the time comes.

“It’s important that every nurse has a voice in this process, when it comes to a vote it’s really a simple majority and so no matter what your position is, it’s critical that every voice is heard so I want to encourage every nurse to have a voice in the process and to get out and vote,” said Pilong.

Everyone involved says patient care is their top priority, and patients will not be impacted by this no matter what happens.

We will continue following this and bring you updates.