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Houghton Lake Man Arrested After Troopers Find Marijuana, Sword In Car

Promo Image: Houghton Lake Man Arrested After Troopers Find Marijuana, Sword In Car

"When you put weapons together with drugs, it’s usually a bad result,” says Tpr. Evan Alkema.

State Police in Roscommon County say it was a bizarre discovery made during a traffic stop.

Troopers arrested a Houghton Lake man after they found drugs and a sword in his car.

State police say the man was driving with an improper license plate.

When they stopped him, they found cause to search his car, and discovered marijuana and a large sword.

9&10’s Cody Boyer and photojournalist Jeff Blakeman got a look at what investigators found and have more details.


Tpr. Evan Alkema was on patrol in Denton Township on Wednesday afternoon when he says he noticed an expired license plate sticker on a passing car.

He pulled the man over and one thing led to another.

Alkema says the man also had a suspended license, no registration and no insurance, so he searched the car.

That’s when he says he found about an ounce and a half of marijuana and a large, sharpened sword.

The trooper also says he found measuring scales used to distribute drugs.

He says the man would not say why he had the items, but they were illegal and potentially dangerous.

"It’s always our goal to seize large quantities of drugs and then follow the stream from where they came from,” Alkema says. “We try to clean up the street, basically, especially getting something like a large weapon like that out of somebody’s hands that could be potentially dangerous."

Troopers say the man has a history of past convictions which include marijuana.

The man is in the Roscommon County Jail.

He is expected to be charged Friday.

The prosecutor is in the process of seeking additional charges.