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Homeowners In Osceola County Dealing With Damage After Storm

Promo Image: Homeowners In Osceola County Dealing With Damage After Storm

Disbelief Thursday as some people clean up from severe storms that ripped through their homes.

Strong storms tore through areas in Osceola County early Thursday morning.

Now people in LeRoy are picking up the pieces.

9&10 News Veronica Meadows spoke with homeowners who are working to move forward.

“It is just unbelievable, that barn out there is just a huge barn, it’s all gone, it’s all in pieces,” says Ronald Stieg, homeowner in LeRoy.

Severe storms in Leroy shook people awake in the middle of the night.

“I woke up to a big bang,” says Stieg.

But they didn’t know the extent of the damage until the sun came up.

“It took all of those trees down, there is nothing missing there, but the whole north barn is gone. Then the machine shed, we have two or three pieces and there is a windmill blown out there, but the biggest damage is the north barn. It is totally destroyed,” says Stieg.

The animals inside the Stieg’s barn are okay, but they aren’t the only ones devastated by the storm. Several others are also dealing with serious damage.

“I felt the house shake a little and then I went out and noticed our awnings were all down and the pontoon boat was ripped from its mooring,” says Steve Berry, homeowner in LeRoy.

Now it’s a long road to recovery. With the devastating damage, everyone is just grateful it wasn’t even worse.

“Just thankful that were here and the house is still here, because it was right in the path,” says Stieg.