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Evart Woman Overcomes Adversity, Travels To Craft Shows

This Evart woman, not letting a life altering disease slow her down. 

A couple years ago, Danielle Lee was diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.

The rare nervous system disorder left her in constant pain and unable to work.

"I’m in constant pain because of the constant pain my body sends me into seizures," Danielle said. 

Living in pain all the time, a lifelong struggle Danielle Lee has to juggle after a seemingly minor accident. 

"I was working at Walmart and I got hit by a forklift in the back of the ankle and I didn’t go to the doctor right away because I thought I just sprained my ankle," Danielle said. 

But instead of healing, the pain only got worse. 

"I ended up being in a wheelchair for almost a year and then I went to a walker and then a cane and now I’m back on my feet," Danielle said. 

But coming to terms with the diagnosis wasn’t easy. 

"It was one of those times I got really depressed and I needed my family with me," she said. 

Her niece eventually helped Danielle realize her passion: making pillows. 
It turns out, the pinning and sewing also helps manage her pain. 

"If my hands stay still then I start getting pain I have to keep it going," she said. 

"She wasn’t going to sit back and take it she was going to fight for it," Danielle’s mom said. 

Now Danielle spends most of her time making pillows of all shapes and sizes and selling them at local craft shows. 

"It just makes me feel important and everything," Danielle said. 

A passion Danielle never knew she had, and may never have, if it hadn’t been for her family. 

"I pretty much lost hope when I was put in a wheelchair if it wasn’t for my mom and sister niece and nephews telling me I can do it I would still be in a wheelchair," she said. 

You can catch Danielle at the Original Dulcimer Players Funfest in Evart. 

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