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Empire High School Class Of 1942’s Remaining Members Celebrate 75 Year Reunion

Promo Image: Empire High School Class Of 1942’s Remaining Members Celebrate 75 Year Reunion

Thursday the remaining members of Empire High School’s Class of 1942 came together to remember the good ole’ days.

The three remaining graduates felt the need to come together for their 75 year high school class reunion.

9&10’s Megan Woods got the chance to be part of the special walk down memory lane and found out the meaning behind this remarkable reunion. 

“The people are getting fewer and fewer,” says Clifford Davis.

Seventy-five years have gone by, the reason reunions like this are more important now than ever for Jack Bolton, Clifford Davis and Glen Aylsworth.

Davis, a WWII U.S. Navy Veteran says, “If possible we would get together every year sometimes people don’t make it but you look forward to it if everybody shows up.”

His old classmate, also a U.S. Navy Veteran, Jack Bolton says, I traveled all over the country so I didn’t get to go sometimes, but we would try to make a point to be here in July or something of that nature, we kept pretty close. Now in this many years we’ve lost many real close friends, so that’s what hurts.”

And while it’s been months, years since they’ve last seen each other a face, even a picture brings memories rushing back.

“It’s hard to get somebody to talk about them because we’re the old people instead of the young ones. I enjoy talking to Jack because we talk about all the old homecomings or something that happened years ago.”

Through serving in the navy during WWII or as a county prosecutor and probate judge, even kids, and grandkids, they know they’ll always have each other.

Davis says, “I feel good, glad to see them, glad we’re survivors you know that’s the big thing and so we’ve kept track of each other pretty good and it’s come down to the final three.”