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Carter’s Kids Aims To Stop Increasing National Problem

Promo Image: Carter’s Kids Aims To Stop Increasing National Problem

Carter Oosterhouse founded Carter’s Kids in 2006. The nonprofit’s mission is to increase physical activity in kids and reduce childhood obesity.

As Carter traveled around the country to film his home makeover shows–he noticed a different problem that needed addressing.

“Childhood obesity is something that has been increasing year after year and it’s something we can attack early,” he said.

The plan of attack?

Building playgrounds that promise a more active fun lifestyle for kids. 

“The fun thing is we are able to build these and you see all these kids running around it is the best,” Carter said.

Not only is it good for their physical development… but good for their cognitive development too.

“You can imagine when they get across the monkey bars, when they achieve those things, those are really big,” he said.

Carter’s Kids hosts an annual golf tournament to raise money to build more playgrounds.

It’s on August 4th this year at Lochenheath Golf Course in Carter’s hometown — Traverse City.

With the planning process nearing its end–he’ll get to tee off, too.

“I’m definitely gonna be golfing,” he said.

With the money it raises– the next playground they plan to build is in Minnesota.

But the best part – is going back to see old accomplishments.

“The best is when you actually get to go back to the playgrounds and see what we’ve accomplished and see how many kids have been able to use it because thousands and thousands of kids use these playgrounds,” Carter said.

Carter’s Kids has been meeting their goal of putting in one playground per month. They’ve been achieving that goal since they started, so their new goal starting soon will be to build two per month.

For more information about the organization or sign up for the tournament, .