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What’s Trending Wednesday: Happiness in Simplicity

As many of us know, it’s the littlest things that often tend to make us the happiest.

Whether it’s a good book, doing something nice for someone else or giving yourself a day of doing absolutely nothing – there are a million things we can do for ourselves to make every day a good one.

Third Space

We need more places to feel comfortable than just work and home. That’s why finding a “third space” can be important. Any place at all – like a coffee shop, the gym or a nice park – where you find happiness can offer a great escape when you feel you need one.

Vision Board

Maybe you’re struggling to keep yourself motivated or inspired. A vision board can be a great way to push those necessary motivations and inspirations into your daily routine. Include images or quotes that speak to you, pictures of places you’d like to travel to, or visualizations of some of the goals you have.

Enjoy the Sun

It’s simple – but so effective; sunlight can be one of the easiest ways to boost your mood. Whether it’s enjoying the sun shining through the window – or actually soaking in that Vitamin D outside – the rays can leave you feeling refreshed, uplifted and overall happy.

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