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Chance Of Storms Won’t Stop Alpenfest Goers

Promo Image: Chance Of Storms Won’t Stop Alpenfest Goers

A chance for some storms didn’t scare anyone off from taking part in all the events at Alpenfest, but it did force organizers to change their plans a little bit.

Volunteers moved events into the pavilion in Gaylord on Wednesday in case wet weather moved in.

The staff says they were prepared for the weather and made sure everything still went as planned.

“I think this will be a good alternative, thank God we have this nice, big pavilion,” says Festival Manager Jenni Caverson.

Volunteer George Sorensen was among those who worked to move and prep everything needed for a couple of the big concerts.

 “We helped out with the stage crew, they had to move all the speakers and all their stereo equipment, so just everybody pitched in,” he said. “Good community help.”

The decision to move was made for safety reasons.

“We cannot predict Mother Nature,” she says. “We’ll be cozy in here, but we’ll get it together. We don’t want to be out there if we’re getting rain and thunder.”

The change in scenery isn’t expected to change any visitors’ plans.

Greg Montie still came to Alpenfest with his family despite the forecast.

“I’m still seeing about the same amount of people,” he says. “It’s just a little rain, we’ll go in if it starts lightning but that’s about it.”

He says they even knew about the weather beforehand, and still came to enjoy the festival.

“We saw the thunder storms in the forecast, but thought we’d come out anyways, see what much of a day we could make of it,” Montie says.