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Alpenfest Crowd Enjoys Interactive Midwest Dueling Pianos Performance

Promo Image: Alpenfest Crowd Enjoys Interactive Midwest Dueling Pianos Performance

It was a one of a kind concert for visitors at Alpenfest Wednesday.

The audience under the pavilion in Gaylord got to take part in a dueling piano performance.

Although it was moved under the pavilion due to weather, that had no real negative affect on the performance.

There was still a great crowd and singing and clapping along to everything played, myself included.

The audience is part of the show when it comes to a performance by the Midwest Dueling Pianos

The duo played classics, current hits and even cracked jokes.

All the while taking requests.

“You know the audience gets to request songs and I think that’s really cool and I like that a lot. I would love them to play like Bruno Mars, I think that would be fun, Lizzie Wahl said.

It was a truly enjoyable experience for everyone in attendance.

“The sing along is a lot of fun, they’re playing a lot of songs I know,” Cathy Elsesser, Piano teacher and player said.

“It’s pretty impressive it’s fun to watch them just wing it, it’s hard to wing it and they do a pretty good job,”

They capped off the night playing a Billy Joel classic, Piano Man, which they re-named, Piano Men.

And there are more great concerts at Alpenfest and still time to come down here throughout the week!

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