What’s Growing With Tom: Week Five

A week of rain, warmth and bright sunshine. We’re seeing some big changes in the Doppler 9&10 Weather Garden!

I want to remind everyone that we planted just a month ago, but the persistent rain and now warmth has made a difference. In fact, things have changed a lot in just a few days. 

I was getting worried as the tomatoes looked wilted, but there are blossoms and if you look inside, under the leaves, you can see a small tomato growing.

My zucchini has grown, and I have a feeling I’ll be taking this one in about a week. You want a nice size, but nothing very large. 

The other bed is incredible, with explosive growth in just the last few days. There’s a small tomato growing on one plant and the broccoli is incredible.

The bad news is I think the carrots are going to have a tough time as the other plants are already casting large shadows over them. 

I’m still a little worried about the holes in the leaves but, considering how things are going, I’m not going to worry about it right now. 

With more summer weather to come this week, it looks like everything is about on schedule!

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