Troopers Concerned After Finding 35 Pounds Of Marijuana Wax Infused Lotion During Traffic Stop In Traverse City

Troopers found 35 pounds of marijuana wax infused lotion.

Michigan State Police from the Gaylord post say they found it inside an RV.

It all started on Saturday when a trooper stopped an RV on Oak Street in Traverse City for not signaling.

Troopers could smell marijuana.

9&10’s Taylor Jones spoke with police and experts on the lotion to bring us more details.

“This is the largest amount infused product we’ve seen,” says Lt. Derrick Carroll, Michigan State Police Gaylord Post

Troopers found 35 pounds of marijuana wax, manufactured as a "medicinal lotion" and packaged in mason jars, along with dry processed marijuana.

“Thirty five pounds is quite a bit and it was packaged for distribution,” says Carroll.

That was a concern to troopers.

Troopers arrested Amy Edens, who they say made the lotion.

Michael Thue, is a medical marijuana consultant.

“Just like essential oils, with distillation equipment it’s the same process in the health supplement industry. It’s just a different plant,” says Thue.

He says the infused lotions are helpful with his patients for pain and soreness relief, but if made and used incorrectly, it could be unsafe.

“When you’re looking at high THC values of marijuana waxed, just used at a concentrate, it is possible to have blood pressure lowered and people will faint. It is something that needs to be done safely with the proper equipment with the proper instruction,” says Thue.

Troopers say Amy Edens is being charged with manufacturing a controlled substance.