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Team Rubicon Helps Flood Victims In Isabella, Midland Counties

Promo Image: Team Rubicon Helps Flood Victims In Isabella, Midland Counties

Parts of Mid-Michigan, devastated by flooding weeks ago are still cleaning and repairing.

That’s where an organization called Team Rubicon comes in. 

Members from all over the country have flown in to help flood victims in Isabella and Midland counties. 

Team Rubicon has already been in Midland and Isabella counties for about a week helping victims devastated by the flood. They’ve been doing everything from ripping up floors to tearing out walls to help victims get back on their feet. 

"Everything’s gotta go. From four feet down in the house," said Peggy Sue Ginter. 

Since the fateful flooding, life for Peggy Sue Ginter and her husband has been filled with clearing out debris and tearing their home apart, while trying to stay positive. 

"You have to. Because it can pull you down. It’s a lot but we will get through it," she said. 

A task that could be as daunting as trying to save their house. But it’s one battle they don’t have to face alone. 

"Everyone wants to help as much as they can we said we have the work can we send more people. And the Team Rubicon response is if we can we will," said Harvey Graham-Green.

Team Rubicon is a disaster response team made up of mostly veterans. So far members have rolled up their sleeves for at least 20 families. 

"With veterans they’re used to being part of something and having a larger impact. They have a purpose and when they come here they have a purpose too," Harvey said. 

That purpose, to continue serving long after leaving the military. 

"They can also be part of something bigger than themselves. So there’s a healing process with that," Harvey said. 

"It was like family was coming to help," Peggy Sue said. 

Team Rubicon will be in town until next week. If you want to donate, click