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Leelanau Christian Neighbors Serving Public With New Community Garden

Promo Image: Leelanau Christian Neighbors Serving Public With New Community Garden

“We have a great plot it’s very sunny we’ve got water out there and we got good soil why not.”

Checking all the boxes at Leelanau Christian Neighbors to build a garden.

Among a long list of vegetables now ready to blossom are tomatoes, zucchinis, potatoes, onions, peppers, pumpkins, squash and more.

“Pretty much all the good stuff,” said Nancy Popa, a Community Garden committee member.

In a few weeks when the vegetables sprout — the produce will fill the shelves of the Leelanau Christian Neighbors food pantry.

“Buying fresh produce, buying farm to table things can be expensive so this is a great way for us to be able to give it to our neighbors,” said Nancy.

Feeding the community, and it serves as a valuable lesson in DIY.

“They can also see how easy it is to put in raised beds and plant a tomato plant or a pepper plant or whatever and reap the benefits of it,” said Mary Stanton, director of Leelanau Christian Neighbors. 

Nancy is pleased with the progress so far.

“It’s only been since June it’s only been a month and it’s going fabulously,” said Mary.

Only a few small things “bugging” them…

“Our biggest problems right now are the potatoes bugs so we are trying to get our hand on those,” said Nancy.

But in the end–an easy fix did the trick.

“We picked em off and squished em,” Nancy said.

When volunteers are done working in the garden for the day, they open the mailbox and write in the notebook so volunteers know what’s been worked on and what still needs to be done.

They welcome volunteers Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons, but they could always use an extra hand.

“We are looking for volunteers though there’s always weeds,” said Nancy.

Planting a seed–to grow food–and hope. There’s a lot of potential in these little buds.

“I think it’s a great project and I can’t wait to see the fruits of our labor,” said Nancy.