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Discussion On Traverse City Becoming A Sanctuary City Coming To An End

Promo Image: Discussion On Traverse City Becoming A Sanctuary City Coming To An End

The controversial discussion on whether or not Traverse City becomes a sanctuary city is coming to an end.

The Sanctuary City Ad Hoc Committee met Tuesday night to discuss a proposal made by the chair.

The committee was formed a couple months ago after people in Traverse City began asking questions about sanctuary city status.

The committee did their research, held meetings and went through the process.

All while concerned people stood their ground with protests for and against sanctuary status, where illegal immigrants would not be specifically targeted by law enforcement.

The idea of Traverse City becoming a sanctuary city has caused controversy over the past few months, but a new resolution could mean the end of this discussion.

“After talking to people in the community, after doing research and talking to concerned citizens and looking at what is happening around the country, we came to the conclusion that we would not be recommending that Traverse City become a sanctuary city,” said Isiah Smith, committee chair.

Still, people came out Tuesday because they say they don’t think their voices are being heard.

“I think there is a guidebook that I would really recommend to you, it’s called the United States Constitution,” said a community member.

“When people come to the country illegally they have shown no respect for the American people or our laws,” said another community member.

“If they’re illegal immigrants that means they can’t work, and if they can’t work, they’re not contributing to our society and if they’re not contributing to our society that means I’m paying,” said another community member.

They were not happy, even though committee members stated several times that they will not be recommending a sanctuary city status for Traverse City.

“We thought about it, we did research, we talked to various people, professionals in the community and the groups that we thought might be affected by such a decision and took all that into consideration and we thought the most logical decision would be to not become and not recommend, because it’s not our final decision, but we would not recommend that Traverse City become a sanctuary city,” said Smith.

The resolution will now be finalized and presented to the Human Rights Commission, before going to City Commissioners.