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Cheboygan County Deputy Receives Medal of Valor

Promo Image: Cheboygan County Deputy Receives Medal of Valor

The Medal of Valor.

It’s the highest honor a public safety official can receive.

Tuesday morning, Cheboygan County Detective Lieutenant Michael Brege received that honor, the first ever in the county, for his lifesaving actions.

“Words pretty much can’t describe what was going through all of our heads that day,” Deputy Darren LaChapelle said.

On January 2, Lt. Brege got a call about a barricaded gunman in Wolverine.

The man was upset, had fired shots at his wife and children in a car, and was holed up inside a home.

“Containment was set up, the individual eventually came out of the residence with a firearm,” Lt. Brege explained. “At that point, he then placed the firearm under his chin and was then going to take his own life.”

Thanks to Lt. Brege’s actions, he didn’t.

“Lt. Brege then made a gesture, surprising the individual, jumped on him and took the weapon away from him,” Cheboygan Co. Sheriff Dale Clarmont said. “He ended up not only saving the life of that individual, but could be other law enforcement, EMS or family members.”

It was an unquestionable act of bravery, deserving of the highest honor.

While the Medal of Valor was awarded to Lt. Brege, he wants to share it.

“When you think about what the medal stands for and the criteria of above and beyond the call of duty and disregard for your own safety, at that time that didn’t come to mind, and that’s due to the team. I felt the support, I knew they had my back and that allowed me to concentrate on what I needed to do,” Lt. Brege said.

Since the barricaded gunman situation back in January, the sheriff’s department receives regular updates on the man Lt. Brege disarmed.

They say that man is extremely thankful for his courageous, lifesaving actions.