Grand Traverse Man Arrested After Allegedly Having A Gun While Drunk And Felonious Assault

Grand Traverse County deputies say they arrested a man accused of having a gun while drunk and felonious assault.

It started Saturday night when deputies got a call about a 19-year-old yelling outside.

Deputies say the man was drunk, but they were able to get him back inside.

Shortly after, deputies got another call that he was back outside arguing with someone.

Deputies say the man he was arguing with told them the 19-year-old had threatened his girlfriend with a knife earlier that day.

Deputies then saw the 19-year-old inside his home holding a gun.

They say he didn’t make any threats, but wouldn’t answer.

The 19-year-old’s mom went inside the home, got the gun and told police the man was asleep.

“There was no threats made by him with the firearm at any time, he didn’t point it at anybody. It had the potential to be dangerous and we realized our procedures that we had in place made sure it was safe not only for the officers on scene, but for the surrounding neighbors,” says Captain Chris Clark, Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Officer.

He is currently at Grand Traverse County jail.