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Garfield Township Commissioners Hear Proposal For Outdoor Ice Rink

Promo Image: Garfield Township Commissioners Hear Proposal For Outdoor Ice Rink

A new outdoor ice rink….

A Garfield Township trustee proposed the idea to Parks and Recreation Commissioners Monday night.

Commissioners heard a proposal and asked questions on the possibility of an outdoor ice rink coming to either the Silver Lake Recreation Area or the south YMCA.

“I’ve noticed that the rinks when they’re frozen downtown Traverse City are packed with people and we have very limited rinks in our area,” said Steven Duell, trustee for Garfield Township.

Right now there are only two outdoor ice rinks in the area and Monday night a trustee presented the possibility of bringing another one and the benefits it would bring.

“It would give one more winter thing for people to do, not only our residents, but anybody that wants to travel to that location,” said Duell. “Then in the summer time when we drain the ice off, we have a picnic pavilion, a pretty good size one.”

Local businesses are excited for the possibility and say it could bring more business during a slow time of year.

“Any local business outside coming to this area we think would be great for the restaurant here,” said Michael Ruede, director of food and beverage for Mulligan’s Pub & Grill. “Anything that could bring people out of downtown Traverse City to the outskirts would be a positive for us and businesses in this area for more traffic.”

Although the location, cost, type of rink and many other details are still up in the air, one commissioner has already made up her mind.

“I am opposed to this idea,” said Alisa Kroupa. “This is not what we do in Garfield Township, we don’t build facilities and we don’t increase maintenance costs on the township tax payer expense with our parks.”

Now commissioners will discuss this possibility when they review the master plan as well as get feedback from the community.