Frankfort Business Owner, City Officials in Disagreement On Use of Electric Longboards

A controversy on four wheels.

The use of electric longboards in a Northern Michigan city is facing scrutiny.

Frankfort City officials say the longboards do not meet standards for four-wheel motor vehicles, and can’t be used on public sidewalks or roadways.

The owner of the Beach Nut Surf Shop says otherwise.

Larry Bordine and his staff use electric longboards to take rental boards to the beach as part of their business.

Recently, Bordine says an employee bumped a child crossing the street, which caused concern.

On July 4th, Bordine says he was detained for not following an agreement with the county to stop using the boards, that he never signed.

"We are a beach community. We are a beach town. We are a destination beach town. People come here because they enjoy longboarding. You can get all over this town with a longboard. To bring electric longboards into the scene, you can be cutting edge and lead the charge on that,” Larry Bordine, owner, Beach Nut Surf Shop said.

Northern Michigan’s News Leader reached out to the city lawyer and city police, who have not returned calls.

Bordine says he has agreed to not use boards for work unless those using them carry a license.