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Cadillac Parents, Teen Drivers Share Opinions About STOPPED Program

Trusting your teen will make good driving decisions is something parents worry about.
But now a program is helping to calm those nerves. The program is called STOPPED.
It stands for Sheriffs’ Telling Our Parents And Promoting Educated Drivers. 
Parents can register online, and they will get a notification if their teen is pulled over. 

The STOPPED program recently received $10,000 in additional funding from State Farm. It’s a program that helps teenagers develop safe driving habits and it also makes sure parents know what’s going on in their car. 

"If kids get in trouble they can’t hide it. Parents pay for the gas, the car, the tickets, insurance all that stuff so obviously it would be a good thing," Rusty Bussler said. 

More than 10,000 Michigan teenagers were hurt in car accidents in 2010. 
A statistic the STOPPED program wants to put the brakes on. 

"I would want to be safer on the road so I don’t get pulled over so it’s beneficial," said Taylor Bussler.

Parents can register any vehicle online, including boats and ORV’s anyone under 21 will be driving. A sticker is put on the vehicle, and if the driver is pulled over by a participating agency parents will get a notification. 

"A lot of teenagers like to have their independence so I think sometimes teens might scoff at that because they feel like they’re being watched but in the long run they should feel like their parents love them," Rusty said. 

The notification includes information like the location of the stop, and how many people were inside. The program’s goal: encouraging parents and teens to work together. 

"All the teenagers would think they have to drive safer so they don’t get pulled over I think it would keep people safer on the roads," Taylor said. 

If you want to register, click

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