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Gladwin Airport Hosts Historic Aircraft

Promo Image: Gladwin Airport Hosts Historic Aircraft

War machines from decades ago were on full display at the Gladwin Airport. 

The Yankee Air Museum brought up two historic aircraft to the airport for people to see and even ride in at the airport’s Fly and Pancake Breakfast event.
Northern Michigan’s News Leader was there to experience the history and emotions of those who flew inside.

"A lot of brave men died in these airplanes," said Jerry Nichols.

History in the sky flying in Gladwin.

"It’s the fact that this era is here in Gladwin they can come out and enjoy that historic part of aviation," said Jerry Nichols. 

War machines from the worlds largest war were on display for all to come and see.
For some the decades old machines stirred up emotions.

"The excitement is there and a lot of emotions and memories comes from families who served," said Jerry Nichols. 

Yankee Museum Pilot Jerry Nichols has taken many up in the air and he says for World War Two veterans the ride is special.

"The ones that saw combat will come back with tears it can be very emotional," said Jerry Lester.

But despite emotions many come down with a smile.

"They are all the same when they get off, we refer to it as the poster child smile," Jerry said. 

Thanks to the Yankee Air Museum those trips are all a possibility.
The museum volunteers like Jerry Lester who has dedicated his time to know the history of this B-25 airplane help keep the stories alive.

This long history will stay alive for years to come.

"We want people to touch a piece of air history," he said.