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One Man’s Magical Journey: The National Cherry Festival

Three years ago, 9 & 10 News meet Anthony Grupido for the first time at The National Cherry Festival.

He was still in high school and was driving around the country as a street performer back then.

Friday, he’ll took the big stage opening up for the Impractical Jokers, and he’s still marveling at his magical journey.

“I was out here working 12 hour days sometimes, doing show after show escaping straitjackets, which is not easy,” said Grupido.

He has magic with a message.

"Using magic for the highest purpose it’s meant for which is to remind people that we have tools around us to help us accomplish impossible things,” said Grupido.

On Friday, he certainly impressed his audience.

But, what’s more impressive, is when you see how far he has come.

“I almost can’t believe where I’m at today, I definitely didn’t expect this, but I also didn’t ask for much. I just stayed true to my family and friends and just followed my gut and just put in the hard work and just tried to become the best that I could be,” said Grupido 

Anthony travels the country with his act, which includes a message of suicide prevention.

He works in schools and at seminars, working to entertain and educate.