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New Cherry Queen Crowned For National Cherry Festival

The National Cherry Festival wrapping up means the end of a memorable year for one young lady and the beginning of one for another.

The Queen’s Ball wrapped up on Friday night and there is a new Cherry Queen.

Abbey Kaufman was last year’s Cherry Queen and on Friday, she passed on her crown.

9&10’s Whitney Amann has more from former queens and reveals the new cherry royalty.

“It’s somebody who’s passionate, somebody who’s genuine and somebody who’s really willing,” said Sara Mcguire, Cherry Queen from 1995-1996.

The National Cherry Festival Queen program dates back to 1925.

It’s a title cherished by former queens with memories to last a lifetime.

“The thing that tops the list is the people connections, the friendships, that’s definitely what I remember, what I take from it more than anything,” said Sara.

Abbey Kaufman was crowned the Cherry Queen one year ago; a moment she will never forget.

“Oh my goodness, that was the first time in my life I have ever been speechless,” said Abbey.

And Friday she passed her title to Ashley Schichtel from Traverse City.

“Gratitude, so much gratitude,” said Ashley. “I’m in shock, I truly just was so at peace before this that I was so thankful for this whole process and standing there hearing my name, still processing, I’m just so thankful.”

Ashley joins the long history of Cherry Queens, all with a bond former queens say is a sisterhood.

“I think that this program just really captures everyone’s heart and so we always come back and there’s this huge sisterhood,” said Abbey. “I will definitely be back, you will see this face again.”

You can see the new Cherry Queen during the Cherry Royale Parade on Saturday