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National Cherry Festival Interns Gain Valuable Experience

Promo Image: National Cherry Festival Interns Gain Valuable Experience

A group of college students are using the National Cherry Festival to gain important work experience.

Every August, the National Cherry Festival begins the process of hiring their interns.

More than 100 college students apply and no more than 15 are chosen.

This year, two students were chosen for 15 weeks of work, and six were chosen for 30 weeks.

Students say getting to plan and work with a national festival is a game changer for their careers.

“The internship gives us tons of hands-on opportunities, we start from we actually got to hire our own interns so that was really good management experience and we also got to make a lot of decisions with the festival team, put a lot of input into the festival this year, so it was really great to get really involved,” Lindsey Debski, NCF volunteer management intern said.

Many of this year’s interns have set jobs for the fall.

An accomplishment they say this internship made possible.