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Delta Flight Attendant And Passenger Attacked Mid-Air

Promo Image: Delta Flight Attendant And Passenger Attacked Mid-Air

The FBI is conducting an investigation after a passenger attacked a Delta flight attendant mid-air.

The Delta attendant and another passenger were hurt when some passengers intervened to stop the man.

Passengers on board Delta flight 129 were headed to Beijing.

Their plane was forced to turn around mid-flight when a man in first class started getting angry.

The flight attendant was hurt trying to subdue the passenger.

According to a different passenger, the man started going for the exit door when a flight attendant tried to subdue him, and she got punched.

After the punch, another guy tried to help, but he was punched too.

Two people were taken to the hospital.

The rest of the passengers were rebooked on a flight late Thursday night.

Witnesses say he was focused on the emergency door, saying he needed some air.