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Western States Battle Massive Wildfires

Promo Image: Western States Battle Massive Wildfires

Massive wildfires are burning in more than ten western states.

Nearly 500 homes were forced to evacuate in the popular mountain town of Breckenridge, Colorado.

A fire chief says that the fire started to burn Wednesday in just a 50-by-50-foot area, then quickly spread to nearly 80 acres within six or seven hours.

The hot and dry weather continues to fuel the fast moving flames. Fire fighters are worried about dry timber feeding the flames.

The fire was reported by a mountain biker riding near the Colorado Trail and the cause is still under investigation.

Several new wildfires popped up in southern California, and more people are evacuating in northern Nevada, where fire crews have been working to defeat the flames from both the ground and the air.

Wind is complicating the fight.

One fire in Washington State was burning near a nuclear facility, but it is now mostly contained and no longer a threat.