Trigger Time Outfitters Seeking Help Identifying Intruder Caught On Camera

A person was caught on security camera, casing a local gun shop.

The shop’s door found smashed.

Trigger Time Outfitters in Big Rapids says the would-be intruder tried and failed to break-in, now they’re offering a reward to catch him before they can strike again.

It happened early Thursday morning.

The person tried to break-in using a hammer.

Trigger Time is now amping up their security.

“Security’s got to be key. Anytime you’re dealing with guns, ammunition, that type of stuff. You know we have bars on our windows we have special glass on our windows and the windows next to our door, you know we take it serious. It’s a serious thing when you’re dealing with guns and ammo that’s for sure,” Brandon Jurries, store manager said.

Trigger Time Outfitters is now offering $500 for information that leads to the arrest of the intruder.