Student’s Art Featured at the National Cherry Festival

Every year the Cherry Festival releases a print to help visitors remember their time here.

The prints have become a collector’s items and a good way to look back at the past.

The contest is open to young and old, but this year’s winner was more on the younger end of the spectrum.

Peyton Cambell is a 17-year-old who is going to be a senior at Traverse City Central High School this fall. This is the second year in a row a student has taken the top honors in the poster competition.

"This has just been a bunch of good experiences, I’ve met a lot of cool people and I ‘m getting a lot of recognition for it from friends and family—it’s just cool to see people buy stuff with my design on it,” Payton says.

He entered the contest for class experience in graphic arts at the TBAISD.

"I’ve been experimenting a lot with drawing and computer art beforehand, but this was definitely good to get used to expert programs and stuff like that,” he says.

While the piece clearly defines the Cherry Festival and Traverse City, he pulled his inspiration from somewhere far away.

"I was looking at vintage Japanese posters because if you look at the Japanese flag, it’s like the red circle and I’m like oh that’s a cherry, that’s really cool, and I was just doing brainstorming and thinking this could be a cherry world with people on it and the water below,” he says.

Adam Warren is the president of Bulls-i, the company that runs the art competition and works closely with the ISD.

He says the print is something else.

"It’s very unique compared to previous years, there’s a lot going on in the print to remind you of what the cherry fest can mean to somebody,” Warren says.

Warren says kids often submit art designs for the program.

"It’s awesome to see over 100 kids submitting artwork every year, and over 45,000 people involved in the voting process,” he says. “They’re getting a lot of notoriety, so to see that is a lot of fun.”

It was quite a moment for Peyton to learn he beat out dozens of other entries, including professional artists.

"They announced each one from the 5th to the first and I was just sitting there saying there’s no way these people are so talented I would be surprised if I won, and they just called me for first place,” Payton says. “I was astonished.”

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