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National Cherry Festival Plans for Potential Severe Weather

"It’s instrumental in everything we do of course.”

It is the weather.

While the cherry festival guests have enjoyed sunshine and blue skies for the most part this year, the threat of severe storms is always there.

"We work with the National Weather Service very closely out of Gaylord, we have great reps there who keep us in the know about everything going on and everything heading our direction,” Kat Paye, National Cherry Festival executive director said.

That can mean updates every 45 minutes, then meeting with the team here at the festival.

"We do have a full emergency plan including contingents that we work with our current Greg Bird, our emergency manager here in Grand Traverse County to make sure we’re up to date on any protocol we have to follow to make sure we keep everyone safe. The safety of our guests and volunteers is the first and foremost responsibility of us,” Paye said.

There are staging sites in case weather hits during an event, but Kat Paye says keep an eye on your phone, and the news, just in case.

"We will alert everyone through the media, thank you very much and our code red app as well through the county emergency manager on our website, our Facebook page we will put anything out there if an event is canceled,” she said.