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Hundreds Of Kids Participate In National Cherry Festival’s Junior Royale Parade

There are a lot of things for kids to do during the National Cherry Festival but a favorite happened Thursday night, the Junior Royale Parade.

Kids took to the streets of downtown Traverse City.

Biking, flipping, and riding on special floats with their friends.

9&10’s Whitney Amann has more on the National Cherry Festival Junior Royale Parade and why it’s so popular.

Hundreds of kids in Traverse City walked in one of America’s only kid’s parade.

Amazing, magical, fun and hot.

Just a few of the words that kids use to describe the parade.

Something that’s become a family tradition.

“We’ve been coming out to both parades, this one and the grand finale parade, for probably 14 years,” said Heather Powis. “We love watching all the kid’s floats from when they’re first graders and all the queens and princesses.”

Kids filled downtown Traverse City with their parents lining the streets to see unique floats and performances.

“We flip throughout the entire parade and its usually a lot of fun because you can’t do your best skills but yet you can do as much as you want and it’s just a lot of fun to go out there and show it off in front of everybody,” said Annie Hammond, a gymnast for Water’s Edge Gymnastics.

“The kids love it, it gives them an opportunity to show off their stuff in front of their hometown,” said Beckey Burden-Cuddeback, owner and head coach for Water’s Edge Gymnastics. “Their friends can see them, their teachers, it’s a really great experience.”

No matter if they were in the parade or watching, this parade’s a yearly event enjoyed by everyone.

“I just like watching everything in it,” said Chloe Saxton.

“I kind of like the second band I heard,” said Braxton Courturier.

“I get to support some of my friends stuff and it’s fun to walk,” said Hayden Buttleman.

“I just like looking at the crowd, being in the parade, I like biking,” said Emily Bucknam.

And all the kids can agree on their favorite part of the parade.

“What else do you love? Do you have a favorite part? The candy, favorite part is the candy,” said Heather.