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FEMA Assesses Flood Damage In Midland, Gladwin, Isabella And Bay Counties

Promo Image: FEMA Assesses Flood Damage In Midland, Gladwin, Isabella And Bay Counties

More than a week since a big rain storm flooded parts of several local counties, FEMA came to assess the damage.

Isabella, Midland, Gladwin, and Bay counties all face significant damage at homes, businesses and even some roads.

Last week Governor Snyder issued a state of emergency.

Several roads were washed away and severely damaged.

Many people are dealing with flood damage to their homes and businesses.

Thursday, FEMA came to take a look themselves.

9&10’s Taylor Jones was out going door to door with FEMA, she brings us continuing coverage.

This mold is just some of the damage many are facing after flooding. Now FEMA is in town in four different counties assessing this type of damage.

“We are going into various neighborhoods with our local emergency management partners and the state and looking at the extent of the damage, how many homes were destroyed,” says Nate Custer, FEMA public information officer.

FEMA has several teams throughout Isabella, Midland, Gladwin and Bay counties.

Thursday we tagged along with a team going door to door in Midland County taking a close look.

“A lot of it may not be too visually apparent when you look at it. The water has receded, but when you go into homes your looking at where the water level was, how much water came into the home, whether or not those people were insured, if they had flood insurance,” says Custer.

What FEMA sees over the next several days will have a large impact on whether there will be federal assistance.

“This is an important step in the declaration process which could be a presidential declaration, we don’t know if that’s going to happen or not. The decision on that by FEMA and then forward on that up to the white house is based to a large extent,” says Custer.

The Florey family has been battling storm damage to their basement and roof.

Thursday they were happy to see FEMA show up to their front door.

“I’m just totally stunned, surprised and thankful, just like wow someone does care. You have to laugh because if you don’t, you end up crying so we’re dealing with it luckily no one was hurt,” says Sandy Florey, home damaged.

FEMA will be continuing their evaluations thought the next several days in all four counties.