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Traverse City Family Asks Community To Provide Information On Kelly Boyce-Hurlbert’s Death

Promo Image: Traverse City Family Asks Community To Provide Information On Kelly Boyce-Hurlbert’s Death

“I wouldn’t call it your regular crash or accident, I would call it you know murder.”

An unsolved mystery is still shaking up the Traverse City community, four years later.

Traverse City police have been investigating the death of Kelly Boyce-Hurlbert since they’ve received hundreds of tips over the years but none have led to an arrest.

What they do know is Kelly was riding her bike home when she was hit by a truck or SUV at the intersection of Railroad and Washington Streets.

Police say she was dragged a short distance before the driver took off.

9&10’s Megan Woods is has a message from Kelly’s family.

Kelly’s sister says it’s hard to believe it’s been four years.

But the time passed doesn’t take away from their constant search for answers.

“Let’s not make this come to five years or any longer it’s just we need to know,” Nicole Nostrandt said.

For Kelly’s family the tragedy is already difficult to live through, but the unknown is what cuts even deeper.

“I don’t know if there’s ever going to be full closure, I mean it’s horrible to think of what happened and how it happened but to have that looming question of who, why and to just not know, it just eats at you daily,” Nicole said.

Even for those in the cycling community who didn’t know her, it’s a mystery as to why this heartbreaking mystery is still unsolved.

“It breaks my heart that he or she haven’t been found yet that we need to continue to talk about Kelly and remember her and because someone out there knows something and I think we just need to continue to tell that story,” Ty Schmidt, executive director Norte said.

And if that person is watching, Kelly’s family asks this…

“Wouldn’t you if it was your family member want to know what happened and want someone to be held accountable?  I ask the community and the people and I know there’s somebody out there that knows,” Nicole said.

If you have any information about the death of Kelly Boyce-Hurlbert please call the Traverse City Police Department at 231-995-5150