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Super Cherry: Meeting The National Cherry Festival Mascot

Meet Super Cherry.

His predecessor is Mr. Cherry, but he wanted to move back to his home state of Washington to be with his family.

Mr. Cherry’s cousin, Super Cherry, has taken the reign since 2014.

Safe to say he’s a celebrity.

Every one of every age is excited to see Super Cherry around the National Cherry Festival.

And just like many other heroes, he has quite the backstory.

Super Cherry was grown on a cherry tree high above on the bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan in Frankfort, Michigan.

And a big personality — to match his big body.

“He’s crazy, super cherry is pretty crazy,” said Graceland Fruits Consumer Sales Manager John Putnam. “Always having a lot of fun always making sure to enjoy having a good time and likes to share all his samples of dried cherries to give out to all the kids.”

Super Cherry is a fan of all things National Cherry Festival related. But his favorite…

“I think his favorite part would probably be all the rides,” said John. 

Prince of Courtade Elementary School Tyler Wilkins agrees. He comes to the National Cherry Festival for the rides.

“The rides because some of em go up and down, some of em go around,” said Tyler.

But stays for Super Cherry.

“I love him,” he said. “I think he’s so cool.”

The reason?

“Because he has a cape,” Tyler said.

So, good to know Super Cherry is not going anywhere any time soon.

“I think he will always be the forever mascot,” John said.

You can find him all over the National Cherry Festival but if you want to spend some quality time with him, then your best bet is to go to the Kids Camp.