Stand Up for Great Lakes Cleans Torch Lake Sand Bar

Dozens of bags of garbage pulled from Torch Lake after the Fourth of July weekend.

The group Stand Up for Great Lakes spent the morning cleaning up the Torch Lake sand bar and had garbage barrels set up around the lake during the Fourth of July weekend.

It’s a lake clean up born out of a love for Torch Lake. After seeing garbage littered across the sand bar two years ago, the group Stand Up for Great Lakes knew they had to do something.

 “Just seeing one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen and paddled, be destroyed by those cups floating down, and usually you see fish and now you’re seeing beer cans, it’s not what we want people to see when they come here and it’s not what we want to see when we paddle here,” said Kwin Morris

For the second year in a row they paddled out to the sand bar and cleaned up after the Fourth of July. They also set up garbage barrels the entire weekend.

 “There’s a lot of things it can be and we just need to make sure whatever each individual looks out and sees that they’re able to do that for years and years to come,” said Joe Lorenz. “It makes me feel like we’re actually doing something to make a difference and makes me feel like we’re keeping the lakes clean and pass this on to future kids and grand kids someday so they can enjoy it like they did,” said Jeff Guy.

And the future generation right there on Torch Lake today.

“It’s a pretty big deal to me because living like five minutes down the road and having a boat in one of the slips and me and my family going out here and enjoying it, I don’t want it polluted or to have any problems with it so it’s a pretty big deal,” said Gordie Lafontaine

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