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Police Say Fenton Man Arrested for 10th Drunk Driving Offense


That’s the stunning number of times a man has been arrested for driving drunk.

Deputies say he most recently crashed a car in Mason County.

Deputies found Joseph Booker in a ditch slumped over in the front seat near Countyline Road and Custer Monday afternoon.

Deputies say once he woke up, he blew a .28 on the breathalyzer.

They tell us Booker borrowed this car and there was open alcohol in the front seat.

Booker has nine prior convictions for drinking and driving, some being downstate.

His license had already been revoked , and there was one other person in the passenger seat.

Both are OK.

“When you incorporate a drunk driver at .28 during the day roaming around especially when he has nine priors not that that makes a difference in a car wreck, this guy clearly isn’t getting the message he clearly isn’t understanding what’s expected of him,” Sheriff Kim Cole said.

 Booker is now facing charges of drunk driving and driving on a revoked license.

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