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Mason County UTV Crash Sends Six To Hospital

Promo Image: Mason County UTV Crash Sends Six To Hospital

Mangled steel, and six people hurt.
The scene after two UTV’s hit each other head-on when they met at the top of a hill. 
The crash happened in Mason County.
And everyone is expected to be okay. 
The two UTV’s were on a seasonal part of Budzynski Road close to Fountain Road in Sheridan Township. 

"There will be a long road to recovery for some people, and I’m just glad everyone is going to be ok," said Sheriff Cole.  This mangled mess is all that’s left of two UTV’s after they hit each other head on. 

"It’s rare that you find two that meet each other at the crest of a hill especially in Mason County we just don’t have stuff like that happen," Sheriff Cole said. 

The crash sent six people to the hospital. Four had moderate injuries, two were more serious.

"I really think the reason we didn’t have any fatalities was because seat belts were worn the proper safety gear was on and they were doing things the right way," he said. 

One from Mason County, the others from downstate. 
Deputies say alcohol was not a factor.
People who live near the two track are shaken up. 

"Heard a big bang and the engine stopped and wondered what it was. My two kids are in to ATV’s so I was looking around to see if they were ok," Don Herring said.  Don is just thankful the outcome wasn’t worse. 

"I don’t like seeing people hurt. It’s a fun sport you have to think about everything you’re doing all the time you can’t drop your guard," he said.