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Leelanau County Sheriff Releases New Details On Body Found in Lake Michigan

New developments in the search for answers after a body was found floating in Lake Michigan.

The Leelanau County Sheriff’s Office says autopsy results show the man died from drowning and may have been in the water for up to a week.

The body found near Leland is that of a man between the age of 55 and 70.

 He was wearing all black clothes and white tennis shoes and did not have a life jacket.

 We also learned today a boater found a grey dingy about 8 miles from where the man’s body was found.

Deputies are not sure if this is connected to the man’s death but say they are looking into it.

“We want people to keep an open mind and realize he may have fallen off a boat, he may have come off the island, we’re not really sure what happened but at this particular time this dingy is of great interest to us,’ said Leelanau County Sheriff Mike Borkovich.

The sheriff says they can’t track the serial number from the dingy motor because it’s too old and there are no records of sales or ownership. 

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